Tuesday, April 04, 2006


“We are here this morning because, through our collective efforts, we are agents in bringing our fragile world ever closer to the promise of redemption,...As clergy from an array of denominations, we say yes to the call before us. Please join me in prayer: We praise you, God, ruler of time and space, for challenging us to bring healing and comfort to your world.” Amen.

Some of you at first glance might think hearing a quote like this throws me into convulsions worse than Holy Water blessed by the pope himself. Well consider the source!

You guessed it...PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Seriously, there's nothing I love more than wolves in sheeps clothing. planned parenthood prayer breakfast. I've thought of everything.
"They're a religious tradition, too,[referring to the religious right] and they are moved by Scripture," he said, although the Bible says nothing explicit about abortion.

I knew that Sola Scriptura stuff would come in handy one day.

It gets even more awesome...
"When we understood the suffering in these kinds of situations that women were in, we understood that for reasons of justice, we had to act. We're doing it for theological and Biblical reasons."

"The more we are able to cultivate the capacity in every person — women and men — to make informed ethical judgments both in ourselves and our society, the more we are coming into relationship with the transcendent, with God," said the Rev. Susan Thistlethwaite, president of Chicago Theological Seminary.

CHALK ONE UP ON THE BIG BOARD! ME 1 -- HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED 0. Well, at least concerning this particular event.

I should order these people Pizza!