Monday, April 17, 2006


So apparently I, Satan, am a plagiarist. Now usually plagiarism is quite a delightful thing for me to take part in. For example, I love it when Finals roll around at various colleges and convince kids to "borrow" other people's ideas. And then there was that time I got ol' Rich Mcbrien to "borrow" that article from that Boston Newspaper (heh heh, then I followed it up by getting him aquitted). But seriously, I saw this and was quite disapointed.

Its called Moloch Now. Well, actually since he hasn't posted for a while it should be called Moloch Then, or maybe Moloch Past, or Moloch Before. But still. He has links to his enemies and friends and everything. Horn Tip to Catholic Pillow fight for pointing it out.

But, In my own evil defense, I will say that this blog was my own Idea and this guy is NOT a minion of mine, although he may look like it. He is a good looking chap, and I'm sure you put a bottle of scotch between us we could have a blast. But I think he's some kind of free lancing devil wanabe... who happened to come up with an idea before I even could...Funny how I didn't see that one coming...

Anyways, another thing. To all you who wished me a happy easter. I'm really TOd at you. If I were you, I'd sleep next to your rosary tonight. Ah. Who am I kidding. I know you guys already do that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

St. John Chrysostom, one of your favorite guys (heh) said this about you and Him:
"Christ is risen, and you are cast Him be glory and power for ever and ever."

Take that!

And as for the Yankees, nobody cares about the American League anyway.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Danny Garland Jr. said...

Everyone knows that Satan is with the National League. That's why they always lose. God is with the American League, thus they always win. Go Red Sox!

6:58 PM  
Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

Prince of Darkness and All That Crawla Loathesomely Upon the Earth:

Re: Danny Garland's post above.

I never thought I'd make a deal with the Devil, but could you please smite him?

See you at the 161st Street stop on the "D" train,

The Digital Hairshirt

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Tony said...

Little Horn,

When Jesus died on the cross, and descended into hell (as the Apostle's Creed states), did you guys sit down for a Starbuck's latte (a truly hellish drink) and if so, what did you talk about?


6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »

12:33 AM  

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